Annoyed With The Digital Movie Market

What Gives? The digital music industry has made it's changes to meet the public's needs, but the movie industry is still lagging behind; or should be say still being "Greedy"? Currently, when you purchase a digital movie, you can only play it within it's sandbox. So for example, if you buy the movie "Captain America" on Xbox, you can only watch it on Xbox. If you want watch "Captain America" on your android device, you have to buy the movie all over again. The movie industry claims those restrictions are in place because of piracy, and to restrict & deter it. However, in my opinion I think it's about getting repeated sales. I truly believe that if no one pirated movies, these restrictions would still be in place.

Although, the movie industry says buy the disk(Bluray, HDDVD, or CD) if you want to be able it play it on multiple devices. However, tablets and smartphones don't play disks do they? Not only that, it seems to me that the movie industry is counting on you to scratch, misplace, or break your disks. Today in the digital world, they are counting on you to buy same movies on different sandbox's.

So how can I have a legal movie collection that I can play on all my devices? I can't according to Copyright Law Section 1201..., which is utter bullocks. They say you "own" a copy of the movie for personal use, but clearly you don't. What you own is a 17 cent piece of plastic, and the rest of it is licensed to you so it can be played in a particular patented format such as DVD. Changing that format is illegal, and if you want it on a different format, you must purchase an additional license for that format. Greedy, greedy, greedy... Personally, I think these companies should be sued for fraud. They imply you own the movie, in fact you actually see it in writing or said verbally in their Ad's. What you don't see or hear is the license disclaimer that says you actually don't own a copy of the media, that it's just licensed to you for restricted use. Instead, there are only disclaimers stating you can't copy or pirate it. That's quite misleading don't you think?

Now don't get me wrong. I don't agree freely distributing copyrighted content where the copyright holder has clearly asked for compensation for his or her work. However, what I do have a problem with the fact it's illegal for me to make a backup of copyrighted material for personal use, that is not re-distributed, and that I clearly gave monetary compensation for to the copyright holder. The real issue here is not a violation of copyright, but the fact they want to restrict your purchase to a particular patented format and not sticking to that patented format is illegal, which really has nothing to do with copyrights, but actually patents.

The law should only hold persons(s) accountable for violations if there is proof of circumvention, or proof of distribution without copyright holder's written consent, AND avoiding compensation to the copyright holder. See how simple that was?

The digital movie market is completely FUBAR'ed along with it's copyright laws(§ 1201)...

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