Struggling On My Romance Project

So I've been working on a project, a dating/romance site for promote love, passion and romance for couples and those seeking a relationship. For me to achieve this goal, I need a good solid software as my foundation. I liked using SMF(simple machines forum), but it a bit old and not up to date and as solid as it should be.

Then there's xF(xenforo), which is awesome, but after some trial and error it just cannot work to suit my needs. I just have one of those rare projects that is really particular.

I tried SMF, then switched to xF, and now back to SMF. It has been an utter nightmare. I have made hundreds(maybe a thousand) template changes just to make it look better and more SEO friendly, but some issues are so inter-graded into the core that I can't fix it.

I'm to the point now that I'm sooo frustrated I'm ready to throw the project in the trash. Although I know I shouldn't, considering I'm about 95% complete. Then it was be in vain, and I can't have that.

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