Purchased XenForo

I have to be honest here. I have been using Simple Machines Forum for years. Often trying out hundreds of other forum/portals to find what I need to develop the sites that I want. I have helped out with the development of TinyPortal and Dream Portal for SMF. One day while being frustrated with SMF and it's "know-it-all" development team that seems to think they know what you want better than you do(sony also comes to mind). I was informed that several of my teammates have left to explore xenForo.

Soooo, I take a look at it and was impressed. Very Impressed. I have been dreaming of the days that I would have the cash to purchase it (which brought me back to this blog during this wait). Yesterday, I finally plunged, I couldn't wait no longer; holy cow, I AM impressed. I wouldn't go as far to say it's the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but it definitely has my attention!

I began trying out some new add-ons for it and they work really well. While xenForo is still beta, we can all tell it will turn out to be a major player. If your a vBulletin user, you might want to check it out. The developers of VB back in the day, has came forward to develop xenForo. Without boring you with all the technical stuff of xF, let me just say it is up to speed on it's coding techniques and technology.

xF costs $149 for a license for 1 domain. In addition, you can add a "brand-free" option for $250. While I didn't buy this extra feature, I do plan to upgrade to brand-free(hides "powered by xenForo" copyright), but I prefer to wait until I have a site fully built with all the tools & mods that I need.

Some of the sites I plan to run xenForo on is a Filipino recipe site for my finance, a photography site, and religious site. That's just for starters. If I can convert my xbox 360 site and dating site to xenForo, I probably will. Right now, It doesn't have the mods I need to make that happen. But I'm sure it'll come within the next year...

I'm definitely happy with my purchase and excited to start developing some Styles for it. The only disappointment that I have is the fact it took me so long to buy. Now having actually used it, I wished I would have bought it sooner.

I'm off to play with it...

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