Making Home-Made Pizza!

Once a week, me and my family like to enjoy and nice pizza & a movie. Tonight we are making 2 different pizza's, and watching the movie "Eight Legged Freaks!". We are making a stuffed crust pepperoni and a experimental pizza. I'm not sure as what to call it just yet.

I always let my near 3 year old join in on the action to making a fully homemade pizza. She helps make sure the table is clean and all the ingredients are accounted for. I'm a nut about eating quality foods such as organic's and not eating crappy junk food like McDonald's. I wanted to share with everyone my experimental pizza, as it was so damn good! So we begin our first pizza making process with the following ingredients:

For Dough
About 3 Cups Organic All-Purpose Flour
A Packet of Yeast
1 Cup Of Water With A Temperature Of 105-125 Range(very important).
1 Can Of Organic Pizza Sauce
Organic Agave Nectar
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mozzarella Cheese (desired amount)
Red & Orange Sweet Pepper
Red Onion
Sliced Italian Mild Sausage Bratwurst (cooked already)

First I mixed 1/4 a cup of water, 3 tablespoons Of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pinch of Sea Salt, and 3 tablespoons of Organic Agave Nectar into a bowl. Stir well, and allow it to set for at least 10 minutes. It will begin to get all bubbly...

Next, I mixed in 1 cup of flour, stirred well.

Now I'll add 3/4 a cup of water and stir well. It should now a little bit runny, but thick.

Finally I stirred in 2 cups of Organic All Purpose Flour until it becomes pasty. The mix should only be slightly sticky, but not so sticky that sticks to your fingers like glue. It should only stick to your fingers if you give it a good squeeze. If it is too sticky, simple add 1/4 a cup of flower until you reach your desired results.

Your mix is now ready to mead. If your are not sure what meading is, it's simple smashing the ball of dough with your hand down on a cutting board or countertop over and over. I prefer my countertop as it gives me more space to work with. Always put flour down in your meading area, so that the dough does not stick. Also make sure your hands are clean, dry, and dusted with flour for better results.

I meaded the dough until it is "almost" not sticky and consistent texture all the way through. From there, I coated it lightly in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and placed it on the stove. Let it sit for about an hour until it doubles in size.

NOTE: Previously, I pre-heated my oven to about 350 degrees. This get's my stovetop slightly warm, so that when I place the dough on top, it's just barely warm enough to help make the bread rise without cooking it.

Once the dough as double in size from rising, mead it again. Once I have it back into a little dough ball, I roll it out into a circler pizza crust and then place it onto a pizza stone. I paint the top of the crust very lightly with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then helps keep any pizza sauce from cooking into the dough and making it soggy.

Now I sprinkled on the Mozarella cheese. The important part here is to make sure I don't get carried away and put too much. I should still be able to see the sauce...

Finally, I put on my topping how I see fit. Yum!

When I cook the pizza, I use a pizza stone to will cook it on the bottom rack for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Then I move it to the middle rack and cook it for another 10-15 minutes until I get the desired browning. All Done!

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you. I'm also looking for a name for this pizza, anyone have any ideas?

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